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I am running for mayor of Durham because I believe Durham is a beautiful city and an amazing place to live for some, but not yet, for all. My vision for Durham is that we be 'Beloved Community'.

As Mayor, I will lead Durham toward inspired inclusion and equity with strategic plans for public health, public safety, education and economic equity for all of the residents of our great city.  If elected Mayor I would focus on seeking reform in the city’s efforts concerning the environment, working in partnership with Duke Power's Green Source Advantage Program and pushing for a new City of Durham Energy Report to showcase where we currently stand and what must be done going forward to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle global warming.  I would continue the important work started by Mayor Schewel called, a 'Green New Durham'. I would work with continued focus on public safety, collaborating with our new Chief of Police, upon their arrival, and supporting the further development of programs such as the Crisis Intervention Team within the Community Relations Department of the DPD. Violent crimes and gun violence in Durham, like many places in the nation, are increasing.  With restrictions on municipalities by the state legislature concerning gun control, we will have to think creatively and act assertively to be a city that has less violent crime to respond to. It is unacceptable that people in Durham live in fear of gun violence and suffer the tragic loss of life as a result of it. Please read more about the important issue of crime in Durham below.

As your next Mayor I will work to see all of the resources gleaned in the Affordable Housing Investment Plan be utilized with urgency and transparency. I would also continue to think creatively concerning city land use and zoning in regards to providing more housing opportunities for all of Durham residents.  As a mother, daughter, minister, business woman, social justice advocate and public servant I have enormous experience with leading by example. I know how to spot a job that needs to be done, and I have the energy and know how to get it done. I bring people together and help build bridges among them as opposed to walls that divide us. I will help lead Durham, as Mayor, with thoughtful dedication, tenacity and sincerity and engage us all

My thoughts on these important ISSUES
Affordable housing for ALL


My plan, as your next Mayor will be to work collaboratively with the Durham Housing Authority, to

  • Build 1,600 new affordable housing units and preserve 800 affordable rental units.

  • Move 1,700 homeless individuals and households into permanent housing. 

  • Provide 400 affordable homeownership opportunities for first-time homebuyers. 

  • Help 3,000 low-income renters and homeowners remain in or improve their homes.  

I will oversee the work of subsidizing programs working to repair existing affordable housing, create affordable rental property and assist in programs addressing the homeless in Durham. 

I will act with urgency to assist those affected by the lifting of the  Covid 19 moratorium on evictions. There are resources to help, I will help you receive them if you need them. As your next Mayor I will oversee all of this important work and continue to think of creative, innovative and comprehensive solutions to address this pressing urban issue.

Our Environment

The protection of the environment, for future generations, is a major concern that I would work tirelessly to address. Durham must work, together as a community,  to reduce our collective carbon footprint.  The earth depends on it.  We must increase access through partnerships with the State, Duke Energy and private partners to use affordable renewable energy, such as solar power. We must partner with agencies that preserve natural lands as protected open spaces. The City of Durham can also establish city-owned land as a nature preserve protecting wildlife, wetlands, and floodplain forests which protect the ecosystems.  

​Land use planning affects many of our environmental issues so paying close attention to this type of development is extremely important going forward.

I also would address public transportation in Durham with concerns for equality and climate control. The triangle needs a mass transit light rail system to address the continued growth in our area, to reduce our carbon footprint and to allow for people to live and work all over the triangle making Durham an even better place to live.

Public Safety and Police Reform
My plan, if elected Mayor of Durham, would be to lead a comprehensive, public health approach toward reducing violent crime in our city. I would work in partnership with the incoming Police Chief, the County Commissioners, the Durham School Board, the judicial system and other local agencies to address violence and crime by investing resources into quality education, building an inclusive and equitable economy and engaging the community as part of the solution. Resources would be spent to rebuild our police force, train all police officers appropriately and to include additional funding for programs that support my public health approach—such as the Community Services Division and the Crisis Intervention Team.  There is a comprehensive program in Louisville, KY called ‘Cities United’ that I would be interested in partnering with to address the issue of violence in our beloved Bull City.
Equity and Inclusion
Durham struggles with issues of racial and financial equity.  I have a vision of Durham as 'Beloved Community' and believe in the possibility of it as our reality. This will require that I make every decision through a lens of racial equity and radical inclusion of everyone. As your next Mayor, my plan will be to use a comprehensive approach to local governing  in every decision made concerning development, jobs and wages, infrastructure, transit, the environment, public safety and more.