I'll be running my campaign & the city on behalf of every Durham citizen and the planet!

I’m Rebecca Harvard Barnes. I’m a mother, a daughter, a minister, a businesswoman and a committed public servant.  Durham has been my home since 1980. I have seen Durham go through a lot of changes over these many years. I am a proud alumni of the Durham Public School system and a well known church on the corner of Roxboro and Main St…. First Presbyterian Church where my Father, the Rev. Joe Harvard was pastor for 33 years.   It was at church then, and now, as I minister to residents of Durham at another Presbyterian church, that I learned to embody hospitality and welcome of individuals of every age, race, nationality, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and economic circumstance.  Durham is where I grew up and grew into being the person I am today, ready to do my civic duty as your next Mayor of Durham.


The past 17 months have been unprecedented. The Covid 19 pandemic has forever changed the lives, in one way or another, of every citizen of Durham. Like in the past when our community has been faced with challenges, we have shown each other that when our neighbors are in need, we are absolutely able to respond appropriately. Having said that, we are still dealing with this crisis and for many the threat of losing even more than they already have is imminent. As a community, I implore us to rise up again and help one another.  As the Mayor of Durham, I will work tirelessly to find ways of continuing to develop and lead Durham toward inspired equity, public health and education, access to resources and so much more…I would continue to seek reform in the city’s efforts concerning the protection of environment.  Saving our planet is one of my main concerns. I would work on issues around public safety,  judiciary reform, appropriate education for everyone and an increased, urgent focus, on the need for decent and affordable housing for all of Durham’s residents.


Although I have yet to receive an endorsement from one of Durham's powerful political action committees, public officials or interest agencies, I have dutifully responded to the questionnaires of those in which I have tremendous respect. To name a few...PA PAC, DCABP PAC, Durham For ALL, Kids Voting Durham, LWVODC VOTE41, Bike Durham... These groups represent SOME of DURHAM but not ALL of you! EVERYONE has a voice, let yours be HEARD!

I could sure use your help getting the word out about this election and how important it is.....let me know if you'd like to join us!

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